Post-doctoral position on SARS-CoV-2 and the male genital tract

Post-doctoral position on SARS-CoV-2 and the male genital tract

Research project: The project comprises clinical (cohorts) and fundamental workpackages to investigate the infection of the male genital tract by SARS-CoV-2 and its consequences on endocrine and reproductive functions. We seek a highly motivated candidate to: (i) study infection of human testis and prostate in our unique ex vivo models and its functional consequences; (ii) analyze the interplay between SARS-CoV-2 and male hormones in vitro and in vivo. All the methodologies and tools are available in the team. This project is funded by Inserm-REACTing and the pharmaceutical company MSD.

Team: The project will be developed under the supervision of Dr Nathalie Dejucq-Rainsford, head of
the team “Physiology and physiopathology of the male uro-genital tract” of the INSERM/EHESP/University of Rennes U1085- Institute of Research on Health and Environment (IRSET). IRSET ( is a large international inter- and multi-disciplinary research center that focuses on the impact of the environment on human health. IRSET comprises some 280 research staff (molecular biologists, immunologists, virologists, epidemiologists, toxicologists…) dedicated to the study of biological processes and environmental factors (eg chemical exposures and infectious diseases) that affect human health. IRSET members have access to onsite technological platforms (e.g. The project includes partners in Toulouse, Lyon, Paris and Buenos Aires involved in cohorts recruitments and biological assays.

Rennes was elected the number one city for quality of life in France in 2020 and is 1h30 from Paris by train.
Candidate requirements: candidates should have a PhD and a strong background in virology with expertise in cell/tissue culture, quantitative PCR and virus production and assays. Candidates must be ready to work outside office hours and handle human samples in Cat3 lab.

Starting date: 1st trimester 2021
Salary for one year from MSD, with possible extension and future application to permanent position depending upon the candidate accomplishment.
Applicants should e-mail a cover letter, a detailed CV with publication list and references to Dr Nathalie Dejucq-Rainsford

Recent publications of the team:
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