Post-Doc position Institut Cochin

Post-Doc position: Identification and characterization of new cellular factors involved in HIV-1 transcriptome regulation


A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of host-virus interactions at the Institut Cochin in Paris. This opening is funded by the ANRS (Agence Nationale de Recherche sur le SIDA et les Hépatites Virales).

Alternative Splicing is a key step of HIV-1 replication that generates over 50 different RNA isoforms translated into all the proteins needed for viral particles production. This process is highly regulated during infection and imbalance in the viral transcriptome can have dramatic effects on the production of infectious viral particles. Understanding how this process is regulated is thus the focus of intense interest.

Alternative splicing is a highly dynamic process and it is becoming increasingly apparent that its regulation is much more complicated than previously anticipated, involving multiple layers of regulation. The aim of this project is to further elucidate new factors/pathways that modulate the dynamic of HIV-1 transcriptome during its replication. The project will rely on a large-scale screening (CRISPR-Cas9) and a combination of cellular, molecular and viral approaches to identify and characterize novel actors involved in the regulation of HIV-1 alternative splicing and replication.

The position is for a talented and motivated molecular virologist to conduct the project autonomously over a period of 3 years. The applicants will have a PhD and are expected to have a strong background in cell biology, virology and molecular biology. Previous experience in cat 3 laboratory would be a plus. The candidate will be able to communicate effectively with scientists from various backgrounds and will be motivated to work in an interdisciplinary team.

The Team « Host Virus Interactions» is part of the « Infection, Immunity and Inflammation department » of the Institut Cochin. It has a long-standing experience in studying the molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of HIV-1 infection and latency using a wide panel of cellular, molecular and virological approaches.

Institut Cochin is one of the biggest biomedical French Research Center located in the center of Paris (22 rue Méchain – 75014 Paris, France) that provides a multidisciplinary scientific environment and benefit from very efficient core-facilities.

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Type: CDD                                                              Funding:ANRS

Début/Biginning: Starting from spring 2021

Durée du contrat/Length of contract: 3 years

Structure employeur/organization            INSERM              CNRS             UNIVERSITE

Applicants should send their CV, letter of motivation and name of 2 references.

Envoyez votre CV, lettre de motivation et deux contacts de recommandations à :

§  Sarah Gallois-Montbrun