International Symposium on ssDNA Viruses

Is3dvEarly bird registration dead line coming soon: April 30th

In 2019, the 9th International Geminivirus Symposium coupled with the 7th ssDNA Comparative Virology Workshop was held in Davis California, where the French virologists offered to organize the following edition of these combined meetings taking place every 3 years in different countries across the globe – UK, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, China, India and USA.

We decided to rename this event as IS3DV, with the reiterated concern to open the traditional Geminivirus meetings to a larger scientific community around ssDNA viruses.

In line with the traditional ssDNA Comparative Virology Workshops, the clear objective of IS3DV is to reinforce a dialog between “ssDNA virologists”, partitioned by divergent host organisms such as bacteria, algae, plants and invertebrate and vertebrate animals (including humans), with an ultimate goal to promote new ideas and new perspectives for collaborations.

The French organizing committee together with the international advisory board have built up the scientific program of IS3DV  covering the whole diversity and complexity of ssDNA virology at all possible scales from molecules to landscapes/environments.