A 18 months post-doctoral position is available in UMR MEDiS Clermont-Fd ; France

A 18 months postdoctoral position is available in UMR MEDiS ClermontFd ; France (UCAINRAE ; site des Facultés de Médecine et Pharmacie).

Monitoring viruses in wastewater using hybridization gene capture approaches

As part of a project funded by the
FEDERAuvergneRhôneAlpes Region, research activities will focus on the development of gene capture by hybridization approaches for the monitoring of viruses (SarsCov2 and enteroviruses) in wastewater (https://www6.clermont.inrae.fr/medis/RECHERCHE/Lesprojetsetpartenariat/EUROPE/COVID). This will involve developing a new strategy for detecting these viruses and accessing complete genome information allowing the detection of variants and monitoring the evolution of these viruses in an epidemiological framework.

hired person should have good skills in molecular biology and sequencing data analysis. Knowledge in virology and / or environmental or medical microbiology would be appreciated.

Application : A CV and a motivation letter will be sent no later than December 20, 2021.

Recruitment date: beginning of 2022

Contact : Pr. Pierre PEYRET (UMR MEDiS ; UCAINRAE ClermontFd)