Full-time Postdoctoral Position in Molecular and Cellular Virology

Full-time Postdoctoral Position in Molecular and Cellular Virology

The research group studies the interactions between viruses and their host at different levels. On the one hand, host factors that promote viral infection and multiplication, such as the presence of comorbidities or bacterial co-infections, are studied with a particular focus on respiratory infections (including SARS-CoV2). On the other hand, the viral virulence determinants that contribute to dissemination and neurotropism are investigated. Finally, the group is also working on the development of innovative broad-spectrum antivirals. These projects are conducted using traditional molecular, cellular and biochemical tools, but also relevant models such as reconstituted, threedimensional human respiratory, intestinal and neural tissues and clinical viral strains isolated directly from infected patient’s specimens.

The successful candidate will work primarily on the study of viral virulence determinants.

Required Qualifications
• Recent Ph.D. in Virology (obtained in 2017 or after)
• Strong experimental and theoretical background in Virology, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Excellent candidates from other related fields will also be considered.
• Strong publication record in peer-reviewed journals with at least one first author publication.
• Experience in leading research projects and supervising graduate/undergraduate students.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Very good oral/written communication and interpersonal skills.

Start Date
As soon as possible.

Based on Swiss National Science Foundation standards (80’000 CHF for the first year)

• Please send one PDF document including a motivation letter, CV, publication list and contact information for at least two referees to Caroline.Tapparel@unige.ch.
• Deadline for the application: September 15, 2020

Prof. Caroline Tapparel
Dept of Microbiology and Molecular Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva
1 rue Michel-Servet,
1211 Geneva, Switzerland

Direct line: +41 22 379 43 16
E-mail : Caroline.Tapparel@unige.ch



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